Lions Sports Academy Visits Gusiiland
Lions Sports Academy Visits Gusiiland

Lions Sports Academy Visits Gusiiland

The game at Nyatieko primary

We are more than delighted  and proud of our gallant boys who  dedicated and worked hard to win  their last friendly  matches  at Nyatieko primary school
In the first game , lions sports academy was able to draw with Burungu FC  1-1  where Kennedy Ajuaga neted the goal from penality kick when the defender tackled carelessly our striker.
The tiki taka and positional play accentuated the game in which unnecessary pressure made  us concede a goal from our own defenders own goal Kevin Muga.

 The second  game

The second game was another thrilling match against the hosts having ended 3-2. At 15th minute, Clinton modano scored a goal in which he  sustained serious injury  forcing the coach to  replace  him . Kevin Makori  reinforced the team immediately.
Power ,stability  and pace attributed by Roy awarded us the second goal  and later on his assist made Kennedy Ajuaga net another goal.
In conclusion  we are proud  of  the  boys  and  with time  we shall have  them play in bigger clubs

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