The Game of Soccer
The Game of Soccer

The Game of Soccer

Soccer is viewed by many as a major sporting event in the world. The game of football has resulted to skill development in many nations across the globe and has contributed in enriching individuals. Besides, sport in general and football in particular have emerged as a single unifying factor, even in the moment of political, ethnic and socio-religious tension and feuds. Nations across the world have united behind this game. Football has bridged racial divide and brought people of other nation into a union of oneness. Most youths are ready to defy some of the challenges prevailing in the world today such as unemployment and economic hardship, which has reduced them to the level of desperation. Most of them have given up hopes and have buried their talents and indulge in activities such as drug abuse, prostitution, gansterism and banditry. It can therefore not be argued that idleness breeds crime and other numerous malpractices that can only lead to the destruction of individuals and their communities. In a Kenyan context, there are numerous challenges still predominant in most of its rural Counties. This is because the desire and zeal to conquer and be number one has unfortunately not been matched with opportunities and facilities to nurture their skills and talents. It is in this context that has created them in pursuing its zeal to transform the lives of the budding Kenyan talents.


  1. Peter Philips

    To our dearly loving team manager and the club officials congratulations to the good work may our Lord protect you as you continue changing life’s ❣️ of the young ones

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